Effects of Antihypertensives Last for T2DM Patients, Even After Stopping Tx

Reductions in heart events and death last for many years after stopping therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes that take antihypertensives, Australian researchers have found.

The ADVANCE-ON study, led by The George Institute for Global Health, followed up on >80% of the 11,000 patients enrolled in the original ADVANCE trial that took place 2001–2007.

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Findings from the ADVANCE study showed that patients who took an ACE inhibitor + diuretic combination for nearly 5 years had a reduced risk of heart events and death. The ADVANCE-ON study found that these benefits still persisted 6 years later, but to a lesser extent compared to those on active treatment.

Researchers presume that the perindopril + indapamide based treatment was likely to have produced long lasting structural changes in the patient’s cardiovascular system.

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