Pfizer has made the decision to discontinue a Phase 2b study of an investigational Staphylococcus aureus multi-antigen vaccine (PF-06290510) based on a recommendation from an independent Data Monitoring Committee (DMC). 

The aim of the STRIVE (STaphylococcus aureus SuRgical Inpatient Vaccine Efficacy) study was to investigate whether a single vaccination given 10-60 days before spinal surgery could prevent S. aureus infection in adults undergoing elective spinal fusion surgery. The DMC came to the conclusion that the trial had reached futility, meaning there was a low statistical probability for the study to meet its pre-defined primary efficacy objective. While not effective, the DMC did note that the investigational vaccine was safe and well tolerated in the trial participants. 

The Company stated they are evaluating next steps for possible development of a S. aureus vaccine. 

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