Boehringer Ingelheim announced the initiation of a Phase 3 trial of afatinib for the treatment of patients with advanced (metastatic) breast cancer. This trial, called the “LUX-Breast 1 Trial” is a global, open-label randomized study in patients with advanced breast cancer after prior treatment with trastuzumab who have an over expression of the HER2 protein (HER2-positive patients). The study investigates whether treatment with afatinib can extend the lives of these patients before their cancer progresses (i.e. progression-free survival, PFS) as compared to continuing treatment with trastuzumab when both are added to the standard chemotherapy treatment vinorelbine. Overall survival, tolerability and safety will also be assessed in the study.

Afatinib is an oral compound (taken as a tablet), which is a next generation, targeted therapy, that irreversibly inhibits both, the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR/HER1) and the human epidermal receptor HER2, which are involved in tumor growth and spread.

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