Phase 3 study of OncoVEX for metastatic melanoma

BioVex announced that it has commenced recruiting patients for its OPTiM (OncoVEX Pivotal Trial in Melanoma) Phase 3 study of OncoVEX (GM-CSF) in previously treated patients with unresectable Stage III and Stage IV melanoma.  This trial is a multi-national, open label, randomized study enrolling 360 patients to assess the efficacy and safety of treatment with OncoVEX (GM-CSF) as compared to subcutaneously administered GM-CSF.  Patients will have received at least one prior therapy for active disease which includes any type of therapy including investigational drugs.

OncoVEX is a first-in-class oncolytic, or cancer destroying virus technology, designed to replicate and spread within solid tumors, causing the death of cancer cells, while stimulating the immune system to destroy un-injected metastatic deposits.

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