MAP Pharmaceuticals announced the publication of results from its Phase 3 FREEDOM-301 study of Levadex (dihydroergotamine) for the acute treatment of migraines. Data showed that all four co-primary endpoints were met at two hours. Pain relief was observed in 59% of the patients in the Levadex treatment group compared with 35% in the placebo group (P<0.0001); 53% of patients in the Levadex group were phonophobia free vs. 34% for placebo (P<0.0001); 47% of patients in the Levadex group were photophobia free vs. 27% for placebo (P<0.0001); and 67% in Levadex group were nausea free vs. 59% for placebo (P=0.021).

Levadex is an orally inhaled migraine therapy designed to provide both fast onset of action and sustained pain relief and other migraine symptom relief in an easy-to-use and non-invasive at-home therapy. 

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