Phase 3 study of ALVAC HIV and AidsVax B/E prime-boost vaccine combination for HIV

Sanofi Pasteur announced the results of a Phase 3 trial with its HIV prime vaccine, ALVAC HIV (recombinant canarypox vCP1521) in combination with the booster AidsVax B/E (recombinant gp120 vaccine, from VaxGen). This trial involving more than 16,000 adult volunteers (18-30 years of age) in Thailand demonstrated that the prime-boost combination of ALVAC HIV and AidsVax B/E vaccines was safe and modestly effective in preventing HIV infection. Final results announced by the trial sponsor – the U.S. Army Surgeon General – demonstrated this investigational HIV vaccine regimen lowered the rate of HIV infection by 31.2% compared with placebo.

ALVAC HIV is a live attenuated recombinant canarypox virus expressing gene products from HIV. AidsVax consists of recombinant gp120 protein found on the surface of HIV.

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