GeoVax Labs announced the expansion of its Phase 2a clinical trial testing of its HIV/AIDS vaccine products. The expanded Phase 2a trial (from 225 to 300 patients) will test the administration of 3 doses of the recombinant poxvirus vaccine MVA62B without the use of the recombinant DNA-vectored vaccine, which was used to prime immune responses in the first part of this trial. At the completion of the trial, 150 patients will have received the vaccine products using two DNA inoculations followed by two MVA inoculations, 75 patients will have received the vaccine using three MVA inoculations and 75 patients will have received placebo.

GeoVax is developing two vaccine components: a recombinant DNA-vectored vaccine and a recombinant MVA-vectored vaccine. Both produce non-infectious virus-like particles in the body of a vaccine recipient. These non-infectious particles are designed to “train” the immune system of the vaccinated person to recognize HIV should the vaccinated person be exposed to the real virus. Both the DNA and MVA vaccines induce humoral (antibody) and cellular (cytotoxic T cell) responses. Antibodies have the potential to block virus before it infects cells. The cytotoxic T cells have the potential to recognize and kill virus-infected cells.

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