Plexxikon announced that it has treated the first patient from its Phase 2 study of PLX3397 for the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma. This study is a multicenter, single-arm trial expected to enroll approximately 30 patients with Hodgkin lymphoma who have relapsed or become refractory to standard therapies. Objectives include assessing the efficacy of orally administered PLX3397 as measured by overall response rate, as well as the duration of response, the disease control rate, progression-free survival, response biomarkers and overall safety.

PLX3397 is an orally available selective inhibitor of the FMS, Kit and FIt3-ITD receptors. This inhibition allows for down-modulation of a number of cell types believed to mediate the progression of tumors, including macrophages, microglia, osteoclasts and mast cells. Growth factors for these cells are elevated in significant subsets of different human cancers. These growth factors consequently activate the target cells, leading to a microenvironment that supports tumor growth and enables metastases to distant sites, particularly to bone.

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