Phase 1 study of PMX-60056 for heparin overdose

PolyMedix has successfully completed its first-in-man Phase 1 clinical study with the novel heparin antagonist drug PMX-60056. This ascending single-dose intravenous pharmacokinetic and safety study met the necessary Phase I goals of defining both a limiting single dose for ten-minute infusions and also the plasma distribution/elimination kinetics for the drug in the absence of heparin. Further clinical development is expected to continue for this drug as an agent for the rapid reversal of heparin after surgery and for emergencies where heparin anticoagulation presents a clinical problem.

PMX-60056 is a novel small-molecule drug candidate designed to block the anticoagulant action of heparin and low molecular weight heparins (LMWH), clot prevention drugs which are commonly used in a number of applications.

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