Ichor Medical Systems announced positive results from a Phase 1 study utilizing TriGrid electroporation technology in the delivery of Advax, a DNA-based AIDS vaccine candidate being developed by the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center. Electroporation is the use of electrical pulses for the formation of small pores in cell membranes to increase the immune response elicited by DNA vaccines.

This randomized, placebo-controlled trial evaluated immune responses to Advax (0.2mg, 1mg, or 4mg) following administration via either TriGrid electroporation or conventional intramuscular (IM) injection. In the TriGrid arm, cellular immune responses were detected after two immunizations in 37.5% of patients in the 0.2mg dosage group, 87.5% in the 1mg dosage group, and 75% in the 4mg dosage group. A third immunization given to the 4mg dosage group by electroporation improved the response rate to 100%. None of the patients who received Advax via IM injection generated detectable cellular immune responses.

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