Isis Pharmaceuticals announced the presentation of data from its clinical trials of ISIS 113715 and ISIS-GCGRRx for the treatment of diabetes.  In a Phase 2 study, ISIS 113715 demonstrated improvements in glycemic control and dyslipidemia, as well as an increase in adiponectin levels in type 2 diabetic patients uncontrolled on stable sulfonylurea therapy.  The study demonstrated statistically significant reductions in multiple short and intermediate measures of glucose control at the 200 mg/week dose, a decrease of approximately 11 mg/dL in LDL cholesterol and a reduction in body weight that was preceded by a statistically significant increase in circulating adiponectin.

In a Phase 1 study of ISIS-GCGRRx, patients were given a glucagon challenge that doubled both plasma glucagon and glucose levels. ISIS-GCGRRx showed a statistically significant improvement in blood glucose levels and reduced liver glucose production following a glucagon challenge at a dose of 400 mg/week.  

ISIS 113715 is a novel antisense PTP-1B inhibitor being studied in combination with other commonly prescribed type 2 diabetes drugs. ISIS-GCGRRx is an antisense drug being studied for its therapeutic potential of inhibiting the glucagon receptor. Glucagon is believed to play a greater role in increasing blood glucose in patients with advanced diabetes.  

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