America Stem Cell’s ASC-101 was granted orphan drug designation by the FDA to improve homing to bone marrow (treatment of myeloablation) in patients receiving hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. ASC-101 is being investigated for its efficacy in accelerating patients’ immune systems and platelet recovery, reducing opportunistic infections and other comorbidities, and possibly improving patient survival.

ASC-101 is a human recombinant enzyme technology that increases the efficiency of engraftment in transplantation of cord blood derived stem cells. In vitro and in vivo experimental results demonstrate a potential for ASC-101 to accelerate hematopoietic/immune system recovery and reduce the treatment-related mortality rate associated with infections during a patient’s immune-compromised period. ASC-101 is also being evaluated in adult cancer patients requiring bone marrow transplants.

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