Kineta announced new data showing that KIN 1148 enhanced the efficacy of existing flu vaccines in animal models through a balanced immune response. Moreover, this enhanced effect was accomplished while using lower vaccine doses. 

KIN 1148 is a novel vaccine adjuvant targeting IRF-3 innate immune pathways that can potentially induce a protective immune response, boost neutralizing antibodies and reduce inflammation. This compound allows for a targeted approach that stimulates innate immune protective pathways. It also offers more than 15-fold dose sparing effect which can then maximize the supply of influenza split vaccines. 

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KIN 1148 was discovered through the Company’s AViid discovery platform that focused on molecules which activate the IRF-3 dependent innate immune pathways. The vaccine adjuvants can also help the existing vaccines’s protection if it generates a stronger initial response. The adjuvant has shown efficacy in in vivo models of highly pathogenic avian influenza and West Nile virus infection. 

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