Astellas and Immunomic announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Fast Track designation to its candidate ASP0892 for the mitigation of severe hypersensitivity reactions due to peanut allergy.

ASP0892 is a novel DNA vaccine based on the investigational LAMP-Vax platform. Unlike conventional DNA vaccines, the LAMP-Vax vaccine includes a short DNA sequence encoding the Lysosomal Associated Membrane Protein (LAMP). This method may allow the vaccine to utilize the body’s natural biochemistry to produce a more complete immune response. This response can include antibody production, cytokine release, and critical immunological memory. 

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Currently, there is no approved treatment for preventing peanut-induced allergic reactions in the event of accidental ingestion. Instead, the condition is managed by avoiding the allergen and using epinephrine auto-injectors if accidental exposure was to occur.

Astellas and Immunomic entered into an agreement for LAMP-Vax products, to work on producing DNA vaccines which may have therapeutic potential across allergic diseases and cancer immunotherapy. Another LAMP-Vax vaccine, ASP4070, is currently under investigation to treat allergies induced by Japanese red cedar pollen.

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