Targeted Medical Pharma announced new results from an open label study of its oral amino acid-based erythrocyte stimulating system (ESS) for the treatment of chronic anemia. The company’s ESS system is designed to stimulate progenitor stem cells in the bone marrow.

In this open label study, subjects diagnosed with mild to moderate anemia were administered 1800mg of the company’s oral formulation daily for seven days. Each patient underwent weekly blood samplings, including hemoglobin, hematocrit, and reticulocyte count for four weeks from the initial dosing, and once more 45 days following the initial dose. Hemoglobin increased an average of 11.39% from baseline measurement to 45 days. The average baseline hemoglobin measurement was 10.08 and 11.21 after 45 days with a similar increase in reticulocyte count (P<0.01). Preliminary results of the study released last year also found a 16% increase in hemoglobin and a 450% increase in peripheral reticulocytes over a seven day period (P<0.01) among normal volunteers taking ESS.

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