A Phase 1 trial of the novel glioblastoma treatment, PVSRIPO, has demonstrated increased overall survival at 24 and 36 months in patients with World Health Organization (WHO) grade IV malignant glioma. 

PVSRIPO is a prototypic oncolytic recombinant polio virus vaccine that recognizes the poliovirus receptor CD155, which is widely expressed in neoplastic cells of solid tumors. The vaccine has been genetically modified so it cannot kill or harm normal cells.

The trial included a total of 61 individuals with recurrent supratentorial WHO grade IV malignant glioma. Results showed that median overall survival for the PVSRIPO patients was 12.5 months compared to 11.3 months in the matched historical control group. Overall survival in PVSRIPO-treated patients plateaued at 21% at 24 months and was sustained at 36 months, while overall survival for the matched historical control declined, with 24-month survival at 14% and 36-month survival at 4%. 

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The most common adverse events associated with treatment were headaches (52%), hemiparesis (50%), seizure (45%), dysphasia (28%), and cognitive disturbance (25%).

The Company is now enrolling adult patients with recurrent glioblastoma for a Phase 2 trial of PVSRIPO given alone and in combination with chemotherapy. The Company is also enrolling pediatric patients with recurrent glioblastoma in a Phase 1 study of PVSRIPO.

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