An investigational vaccine to protect against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection has received Fast Track designation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

MV-012-968, a live attenuated vaccine, is being developed by Meissa Vaccines. The Company is currently recruiting healthy adults for a phase 1 trial that will assess the tolerability and immunogenicity of the RSV vaccine. 

RSV is a common respiratory virus that generally results in mild, cold-like symptoms. However for certain patients, particularly children and older adults, RSV infection can lead to significant complications such as bronchiolitis and pneumonia. 

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“A safe and effective RSV vaccine is a significant global health priority, and if we are successful, we can save thousands of lives and help millions of patients around the world,” said Martin Moore, PhD, cofounder and CEO of Meissa. “Fast Track Designation of MV-012-968 accelerates our ability to develop a much-needed RSV vaccine.”

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