Bristol-Myers Squibb announced late-breaking results from the UNITY Trial program with all-oral daclatasvir (DCV) TRIO regimen, a fixed-dose combination of daclatasvir with asunaprevir (ASV) and beclabuvir (BCV) in patients with genotype 1 hepatitis C virus (HCV).

The Phase 3 UNITY clinical trial program is an ongoing study investigating 12-week regimens of the DCV-TRIO fixed-dose combination. The open-label UNITY-1 study evaluated a 12-week regimen of the DCV-TRIO without ribavirin in treatment-naïve and -experienced non-cirrhotic patients. Non-cirrhotic treatment-naïve patients (n=312) and treatment-experienced patients (n=103) received the DCV-TRIO fixed-dose combination in one pill twice daily for 12 weeks, with 24 weeks of follow-up. The majority of the patients (73%) were genotype 1a, and 91% of all patients achieved SVR12. Ninety-two percent of treatment-naive patients and 89% of treatment-experienced patients achieved cure, without the use of ribavirin.

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In the UNITY-2 study, both cirrhotic treatment-naïve and treatment-experienced patients received the DCV-TRIO fixed-dose combination, one arm without ribavirin (n=102) and one with ribavirin (n=100). The study was double-blinded to ribavirin, and the majority of the patients (74%) were genotype 1a. The study showed 96% of all patients who received the DCV-TRIO with ribavirin achieved SVR12, and 90% of those who received the DCV-TRIO without ribavirin achieved SVR12.

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The primary endpoint for both studies was the percentage of patients who achieved cure, defined as HCV RNA

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