Dose response study of PH20 for the management of diabetes

Halozyme Therapeutics announced results from a dose response study that demonstrated faster insulin absorption and increased peak insulin concentrations after co-administration of its recombinant hyaluronidase enzyme (rHuPH20 or PH20) with regular human insulin and insulin lispro. The study enrolled healthy volunteers in cohorts of four patients who received either 3 or 12 units of regular insulin or 1.5 or 6 units of insulin lispro, without PH20 or with five different concentrations of PH20 during a total of six clamp procedures.

Study results demonstrated PH20 to be a potent enhancer of insulin absorption over a wide range of concentrations, 0.3–80mcg/mL, with an optimum effect at about 5mcg/mL. Additionally, the study showed accelerated insulin action as measured by glucose infusion rates in the euglycemic glucose clamp study.

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