Remedy announced that their investigational treatment for severe cerebral edema in patients with acute ischemic stroke, Cirara, has been granted Orphan Drug Designation.

Cirara is an injectable, high affinity inhibitor of Sur1-Trpm4 channels, which are upregulated following ischemia and trauma. “Cirara could significantly enhance currently available treatment options for this desperately at-need patient population,” said Sven Jacobson, CEO of Remedy. Mr. Jacobson called the Orphan Drug Designation an ‘important achievement’ in the company’s development plans. 

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Opening of Sur1-Trpm4 channels in the capillary endothelium can lead to compromised arterial inflow to surrounding tissue, which frequently results in death.

Sur1-Trpm4 channels were discovered by University of Maryland neurosurgeon Dr. J. Marc Simard, a board member at Remedy Pharmaceuticals.

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