Tips Offered to Docs, Spouses for Maintaining Happy Marriage

(HealthDay News) — Simple tips can help physicians and their spouses maintain marital happiness, according to an article published in the American Medical Association (AMA) Alliance magazine Physician Family.

Noting that familial well-being may be sidelined by professional pressures, researchers from the Center for Physician Resilience in Davidson, NC, provide tips for maintaining a happy and healthy home life.

According to the report, a physician’s spouse should be honored for his or her roles and contributions and not feel like “just a physician’s spouse.” Family rituals, such as family meals, should be protected, even if someone is working; simple routines and traditions can have a positive impact on the morale and well-being of a family. Finally, marriage is not a “suffering contest;” respect that each partner has significant stress, and be kind to one another and to oneself.

“Personal satisfaction can contribute to professional satisfaction, so maintaining a happy and healthy home life is essential for physicians,” according to an AMA news release.

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