(HealthDay News) — The incidence of renal cancer and thyroid cancer is increasing among children and adolescents in the United States, according to research published online September 8 in Pediatrics.

David A. Siegel, MD, MPH, of Emory University in Atlanta, and colleagues identified cancers diagnosed among youth, aged 0–19 years, from 2001–2009 using data from the National Program of Cancer Registries and Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results statewide registries.

The researchers found 120,137 cases of childhood and adolescent cancer during 2001–2009 with an age-adjusted incidence rate of 171.01 per million. The overall rate of all cancers combined remained stable during the study period (annual percent change [APC], 0.3%; 95% confidence interval [CI], −0.1–0.7 percent). Among African-American children and adolescents, the overall rate of cancer increased (APC, 1.3%; 95 percent CI, 0.2–2.5%). Incidence rates increased for renal carcinoma (APC, 5.4%; 95% CI, 2.8–8.1%) and thyroid cancer (APC, 4.9%; 95% CI, 3.2–6.6 percent).

“This study reports the novel finding that renal carcinoma rates are increasing among children and adolescents,” the authors write. “This study confirms that thyroid cancer rates are increasing and further describes rising cancer rates among African Americans.”

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