(HealthDay News) – Prostatic artery embolization (PAE) can improve urinary symptoms in men with an enlarged prostate, according to a small study presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology, held from April 13–18 in New Orleans.

Sandeep Bagla, MD, from Inova Alexandria Hospital in Virginia, and colleagues are enrolling 30 men in the first prospective trial to evaluate PAE for treatment of enlarged prostates. These are the early findings of the study’s first patients.

The researchers’ early findings were that 13 of 14 men who had PAE noticed a significant decrease in symptoms after one month. There were no major complications, such as impotence, leaking urine, or infection. Most men went home the day of treatment.

“Nearly all men eventually suffer from an enlarged prostate as they age, and this treatment is almost like turning back the clock and giving them the prostate of their youth,” Bagla said in a statement.

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