(HealthDay News) — Physicians are being given the opportunity to describe what resources they need in order to transition to value-based models of care, according to a report published by the American Medical Association (AMA).

In response to the AMA’s call to address the needs of small physician practices, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is requesting information relating to what resources physicians need to transition to value-based models of care. CMS has outlined questions that relate to transformation strategies, resources, and opportunities. Furthermore, CMS requests physician insight into challenges and lessons learned from existing efforts to change care delivery.

The AMA notes that, in an effort to help physician practices prepare for new value-based payment programs, CMS plans to use the physician feedback, including developing requests for new proposals and testing new payment and delivery models. The deadline for comments is April 8, 2014.

“We understand you’re trying to run a practice and do a lot of other things, and you’re going to need a lot of support,” said CMS administrator Marilyn Tavenner, according to the AMA. “How would you transition? What kind of support would you need? We want your feedback on what is doable.”

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