(HealthDay News) – The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) is participating in the Choosing Wisely campaign and has identified five tests and treatments that may be overused.

The AAO’s health policy committee identified the tests and treatments with input from members and ophthalmic subspecialty societies. Recommendations were followed up with a review of supporting evidence. The identified tests and treatments are intended to encourage conversations between patients and their doctors about appropriate treatment options and efficient use of health care dollars and promote efforts to follow best practices and evidence-based medicine.

AAO recommends that (1) preoperative medical tests, including an electrocardiogram or blood glucose test are not needed prior to eye surgery unless there are specific clinical signs indicating a need for them; (2) imaging tests should not be routinely ordered if there are no symptoms of significant eye disease; (3) antibiotics should not be prescribed for pink eye caused by adenovirus; (4) antibiotics should not be prescribed before/after injections into the vitreous cavity of the eye; and (5) punctal plugs should not be inserted to treat dry eye unless other options, including artificial tears, lubricants, and compresses, have been attempted first.

“Conversations around the five tests and treatments identified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology can reduce the potential for over-treating our patients,” William L. Rich III, MD, AAO’s medical director of health policy, said in a statement.

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