Due to potential measles exposure at the Phoenix Children’s East Valley Center in Arizona, 200 children are currently being monitored by state health officials in an effort to contain the outbreak that has been traced back to several Disney Parks in California. Although it is not currently known how many of the children were vaccinated, anyone who was not vaccinated is being asked to stay home for 21 days or wear surgical masks in public. 

Officials believe that a woman came into contact at the medical center with a family that traveled to Disneyland; the family was not exhibiting symptoms at the time of the visit to the medical center. By the time the case was confirmed in the woman, she had already exposed a large number of children and adults to the illness at the facility. A man currently recovering from measles also came into contact with this family. Health officials are working to notify the families of children who visited the medical center between January 20–21 and 17; a total of 1,000 individuals in Arizona are presently being monitored.

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