Novel Lipocalin Dog Allergen Cross-Reacts With Cat, Horse

(HealthDay News) – A novel lipocalin dog allergen has been identified in nearly 40% of dog-sensitized individuals, which cross-reacts with lipocalins from cat and horse.

Ola B. Nilsson, from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and colleagues cloned and characterized a novel dog allergen and assessed its role in cross-sensitization between dog, cat, and horse. The allergen corresponding to the gene encoding Can f 6, which was amplified from dog skin and bladder complementary DNA libraries, was produced, purified, and evaluated.

The researchers found that 38% of dog-sensitized subjects had immunoglobulin E antibodies to Can f 6. There were sequence similarities between the lipocalin allergens Can f 6, Fel d 4 from cat, and Equ c 1 from horse. Competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay demonstrated cross-reactivity between these allergens. In dog-allergic patients, the biological relevance of Can f 6 was confirmed with the basophil activation test.

“Can f 6 is a new lipocalin dog allergen that cross-reacts with lipocalins from horse and cat. Can f 6 and homologous allergens may contribute to multisensitization and symptoms in individuals allergic to mammals,” the authors write.

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