(HealthDay News) – For people with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures, kyphoplasty (KP) is superior to vertebroplasty (VP) for correcting kyphosis, restoring vertebral height, and preventing leakage of bone cement.

Kyung-Hyun Kim, MD, of the Gangnam Severance Spine Hospital at the Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea, and colleagues conducted a retrospective comparative study involving 103 patients who underwent either a VP or KP procedure to treat an osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture. Patients were classified according to whether their fracture was wedge (W)-shaped, V-shaped, or flat (F)-shaped.

The researchers found that, for all fracture types, KP was more effective than VP, particularly for restoring middle column height and preventing the leakage of bone cement. Additionally, anterior height restoration and kyphosis correction in F- and W-shape fractures was significantly better with KP compared with VP. Neither procedure was able to restore posterior column vertebral height.

“KP yielded good results for kyphotic deformity correction for W-shape fractures compared with F-shape and V-shape fractures. KP had additional advantages in middle vertebral height restoration and cement leakage prevention in V-shape fractures,” the authors conclude. “Further studies to evaluate optimal treatments for specific subtypes of vertebral body fractures, and long-term follow-up studies with a greater number of patients for correlations of clinical outcomes and radiologic changes, are warranted.”

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