(HealthDay News) – Pre-diet measurement of leptin and ghrelin and calculation of the leptin/ghrelin ratio at baseline (L/GB) can help predict obese dieters who are more likely to regain lost weight.

To examine whether the L/GB cut-off can differentiate weight loss regainers from non-regainers, Ana B. Crujeiras, PhD, from the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and colleagues measured baseline fasting leptin and ghrelin levels in a group of overweight/obese patients (40 regainers and 48 non-regainers) who followed a successful eight-week hypocaloric diet.

The researchers found that male and female regainers had a statistically significant two-fold higher L/GB than non-regainers. Weight loss regain was significantly correlated with L/GB ratio (r=0.30; P=0.005). Weight-loss regain was predicted with 70% sensitivity and 68% specificity in women and 95% sensitivity and 38% specificity in men, with the use of the optimal identified L/GB ratio cut-off (26.0 for women and 9.5 for men).

“Calculating the leptin/ghrelin ratio prior to the participation in a weight-reduction program might provide the opportunity to individualize weight-loss therapeutic programs according to patients’ needs, counteracting the weight-regain rate, and, as a consequence, achieving successful management of obesity,” Crujeiras said in a statement.

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