(HealthDay News) – A new poll of consumer satisfaction with the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges confirms what headlines having been saying since the online marketplaces’ launch: things have not gone smoothly.

40% of Americans said the introduction of the insurance exchanges hasn’t gone well, 20% said it’s gone somewhat well, and 30% had no opinion. Just 7% said the launch, which began Oct. 1, had gone “very well” or “somewhat well,” the Associated Press-GfK poll found.

7% of those polled said someone in their household had tried to sign up for insurance through the exchanges – potentially 20 million people. But three-quarters of those who tried to sign up reported problems, the Associated Press reported Thursday. The online poll of 1,227 adults was conducted Oct. 3–7.

U.S. health officials have said they see the heavy traffic on HealthCare.gov as an indication of the demand for health insurance. The administration hopes to enroll seven million uninsured people through the federal and state health exchanges by the end of March 2014.

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