Consultant Offers Tips for Training Staff to Use EHR System

(HealthDay News) – Six tips can help educate staff to use new electronic health record (EHR) systems, according to an article published Oct. 25 in Medical Economics.

Dean Sorensen, MBA, chief executive officer of Sorensen Informatics in Lombard, IL, discusses suggestions for training and continuing education for staff to use new EHR systems.

Sorensen notes that a continuing plan is necessary to ensure staff are aware of changes as they occur and can make adjustments as needed. To review training issues regularly, a team should be chosen which can handle questions and tasks. The team should document areas of concern, including issues that will need periodic review and evaluations of effectiveness. This plan should include areas that can be improved, functions that are not working well, areas where training should continue, and a communication strategy for staff and patients. A test environment should be chosen, so that production is not affected while training or testing new suggestions. Training events should be booked into the routine work schedule. Ongoing decision reports and feedback are important to assess how effective the plan is. Additional assistance is available from vendors in the form of training or from consultants.

“The key element is to have a strategy that makes sense for your organization and allow time for its development and deployment,” Sorensen writes.

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