CCC: Single High-Fat Meal Has Negative Vascular Effects

(HealthDay News) – A single high-fat meal has detrimental effects on vascular function.

Vincent Lee, from the University of Calgary in Canada, and colleagues examined the effect of a single high-fat commercial breakfast meal (900 calories; 50g fat) on microvascular function (as assessed by hyperemic velocity time integral) and macrovascular function (as assessed by flow-mediated dilation) in 20 healthy, young (mean age, 22.9 years) non-smoking subjects without cardiovascular disease. Micro- and macrovascular function were assessed after consumption of the high-fat meal (meal day) and on a control day without the high-fat meal.

The researchers found that, after consumption of the high-fat meal, microvascular function significantly declined by 15–20% after two hours; this change was significantly different from measures conducted on the control day. In contrast, there was no significant change in macrovascular function on the meal day or control day.

“Our results suggest that a single high-fat meal affects the microvascular bed, impairing velocity time integral, but not flow-mediated dilation,” Lee and colleagues conclude. “This suggests that the association between a high-fat diet and atherosclerosis may be due to impairment of the microvascular bed, an impact that can be seen in an acute time frame.”

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