At SLEEP 2017, researchers presented SomnaPatch, a disposable patch that is able to detect obstructive sleep apnea across various severity levels. 

This lightweight skin-adhesive diagnostic patch is able to record nasal pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, respiratory effort, sleep time, and body position. 

To test the effectiveness of SomnaPatch, overnight polysomnography and patch recordings were analyzed simultaneously for 174 patients. When compared against a standard in-lab polysomnography, the total rate of clinical agreement was 87.4% (95% CI: 81.4%, 91.9%); the positive likelihood ratio was 7.4. 

A separate home usability study found that 38/39 users were successful in activating the patch and obtaining at least 4 hours of sleep data by following the instructions included with the device. 

Overall, the new diagnostic patch showed “excellent clinical value” when compared with standard in-lab polysomnography. Maria Merchant, PhD, CEO of Somnarus, Inc., stated that “Our study showed that this wearable home sleep monitor is very comfortable, easy to use and does not negatively affect sleep.” Findings from the study will be used to seek device approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Merchant M, Farid-Moayer M, Zobnin Y, Parfenov A , Askeland J, Sturm A. Clinical Validation of a Diagnostic Patch for the Detection of Sleep Apnea. SLEEP 2017. Abstract ID 0448. June 2017.