eNeura announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the SpringTMS device for the acute and prophylactic treatment of migraine headache

The non-invasive SpringTMS device is placed at the back of the patient’s head where a forced magnetic pulse is delivered to treat an acute attack or to prevent a future migraine onset. The single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (sTMS) technology induces a mild electric current that can depolarize neurons in the brain. This mechanism is thought to interrupt the brain hyperactivity associated with migraine. 

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The FDA’s clearance was based on review of the post-marketing ESPOUSE Study that included 132 patients with migraine. The data showed patients who followed the daily SpringTMS device protocol experienced an average reduction from 9 headache days/month to 6 headache days/month after treatment. Also, nearly half of study patients (46%) reported a 50% reduction in headache attacks. 

No serious adverse events were reported during the study. SpringTMS is available by prescription only.

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