Sunovion announced results from an  open-label study in showing that clinically stable, but symptomatic adult outpatients with schizophrenia can be effectively switched from other antipsychotic agents to Latuda (lurasidone). In a 6-week open-label study, 244 patients were enrolled who were clinically stable for ≥8 weeks prior to the start of the study and had been on stable doses of other antipsychotic agents for ≥4 weeks. The primary endpoint was time to treatment failure (defined as discontinuation due to insufficient clinical response or an adverse event, including exacerbation of underlying disease).

Patients were randomized to one of three Latuda dosing regimens: 1) 40mg/day for two weeks; 2) 40mg/day for one week, then an increase to 80mg/day on Day 8 for Week 2 (uptitration group); and 3) 80mg/day for two weeks. Latuda was then flexibly dosed (40–120mg/day) for the subsequent four weeks across all dosing regimens. The pre-switch antipsychotic agent was tapered by Day 7 to 50% of the original dose and discontinued by the end of Week 2.

Across all Latuda doses, 7.9% experienced treatment failure. Overall discontinuation was 18.9%, with 1.2% of patients discontinuing treatment due to insufficient clinical response and 6.6% due to adverse events. For patients who were taking concomitant antidepressants, mood stabilizers or antipsychotics at study initiation, approximately half (49.5%) of these patients discontinued use of the concomitant agent by study termination.

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