DARA BioSciences announced the launch of Soltamox Oral Solution (tamoxifen citrate), an alternative to tamoxifen tablets for breast cancer patients.

For some people with breast cancer, the pill form of tamoxifen can be difficult to swallow due to a variety of reasons, including the effects of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Some people simply prefer liquid medications over pills or hope to reduce the number of pills they need to take on a daily basis.

Liquid medications may be appropriate for people who have difficulty or discomfort swallowing solid content. People who have trouble swallowing pills may miss doses of prescribed medications or discontinue them entirely.

Soltamox Oral Solution is supplied as a 150mL bottle. Each 5mL solution contains 10mg tamoxifen, equivalent to 15.2mg tamoxifen citrate.

For more information visit www.darabio.com or www.soltamox.com.