Each year the CES exhibit showcases the latest in consumer technology. 2018 marks the show’s 50th year and among the 3,900 companies exhibiting at the Las Vegas convention center, there is an impressive array of medical technology, aimed at both healthcare practitioners and consumers. We’ve sifted through the products and highlighted some of the medical innovations which you may see emerge in 2018.

Ellume Flu Testing Kit

The Ellume-lab diagnostic device is designed for use in a doctor’s office, to test – in real time – for serious viral respiratory tract infections (vRTIs). In clinical trials, the tests have taken 7 minutes for results to be available, and the Company says performance has been equivalent to leading products in the market. Ellume works by reading quantum dot fluorescent nanoparticles as detectors in biological systems. A swab is mixed for 10 seconds in a stick which is then inserted into the reader for testing.

The kit is currently pending regulatory clearance.


BoneTag is an in vivo knee prosthesis tracking tool. The device is a similar size and shape to a cell phone SIM card. When inserted into the knee prosthesis it uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to evaluate – over decades – the performance of a prosthetic implant and detects bone adhesion and infections. A scanner is passed over the patient’s knee whilst they are walking to garner the information from the device. The team behind BoneTag have set up partnerships with several manufacturers and hope to have a commercial release in 2018.

Lishtot TestDrop

This personal water testing device can tell in a matter of seconds whether water is safe to drink. The TestDrop device is the size of a keyring. It has three settings for tap water, bottled water, and natural water. The user holds the device up to the water whilst holding down the corresponding button, the device then emits a blue light (for good to drink), or red light (not good to drink).