Cefaly Technology announced a new smaller size of Cefaly, the external trigeminal nerve stimulation device to prevent frequent episodic migraine attacks

Cefaly I, which was known for its headband-like shape, has shrunk to three-quarters its original size. The new Cefaly II now fits in the palm of the user’s hand, is battery rechargeable, and stays in place with magnets. The electronic device is placed on the forehead for 20 minutes once daily, using a self-adhesive electrode and magnetic connection; the magnets help to better maintain the connection rather than the use of a fastener. The new model also contains a built-in rechargeable battery that replaces the 2 AAA batteries. 

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Cefaly works by sending small electrical impulses through the skin to desensitize the upper branches of the trigeminal nerve and reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. The smaller size will enable patients to control the intensity to reach their desired levels. 

Cefaly II is supplied with a USB cable, wall charger, a storage case, and one electrode. It is available by prescription-only and is indicated for patients aged ≥18 years. 

For more information call or visit Cefaly.us.