Olympus announced the launch of its Endocapsule 10 System for small bowel capsule endoscopy procedures.

The Endocapsule 10 System utilizes sensitive, high-resolution image sensor technology to display clear and vivid imaging results for detailed observation of various abnormalities in the small bowel. The capsule features a 160 degree field of view and sees 10% more mucosa than other capsule endoscopy products. The Endoscopy 10 System also offers a long 12-hour battery life to improve exam completion rates.

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The system’s software automatically detects images that require closer analysis and indicates the location of the detected abnormalities. The capsule’s position in the body is displayed by a 3D tracking function as it moves through the intestine. Another feature is a lighter and more compact recorder unit that can be worn over clothes rather than applied directly to the skin. These images can be viewed in real time or can be downloaded later to the system’s workstation.

The Endocapsule 10 System will be showcased at Digestive Disease Week 2014 to be held May 3–6, 2014 in Chicago, IL.

For more information call (866) 888-1950 or visit OlympusAmerica.com.