Caffeine from a cup of coffee can increase athletic endurance by an average of 24%, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

Simon Higgins, a 3rd year doctoral student in kinesiology at the College of Education, authored the study. Analyzing over 600 research papers, he uncovered 9 randomized control trials that specifically used coffee to improve endurance. The trials involved subjects either running or cycling vigorously after drinking a cup of coffee, they had endurance indicators measured afterwards.

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After taking between 3–7mg/kg of caffeine, each of the study’s subjects demonstrated an average of 24% increased endurance. The average cup of coffee contains between 75–150mg based on its roast and brewing method. These results suggest that consuming caffeine from a cup of coffee has similar effects as taking caffeine pills. Caffeine pills had been viewed to be more beneficial as endurance aids than coffee.

“New research could mean that athletes could have a cup of coffee versus taking a pill,” said Higgins. However, he stressed that more research is needed especially concerning the measurements, considering that it is listed as a banned substance by the NCAA.

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