BD announced the introduction of their new Insulin Syringe with the Ultra-Fine 6mm needle. The new needle is 53% shorter than the current 12.7mm needle, reducing the risk of a painful injection in the muscle. The BD Nano 4mm and BD Mini 5mm lengths are only available in pen needles; the 6mm needle is currently the shortest insulin syringe needle available.

The latest injection technique recommendations published in Diabetes and Metabolism (2010) states that initial therapies should begin with shorter needles because they reduce the risk of injecting into the muscle. The 4, 5, and 6mm needles may be used by any adult patient including obese ones.

The BD Ultra-Fine 6mm needle is available as 1mLx31G, 1/2mLx31G, 3/10mLx31G (also in half-unit-scale) in 100-count boxes. BD still offers the Ultra-Fine 8mm and 12.7mm needles.

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