BD announced the launch of BD Neopak 2.25mL prefillable glass syringes intended for biopharmaceutical manufacturers that handle high-value and sensitive biologic agents that require higher quality levels and performance to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, severe asthma, and other chronic conditions. 

The new Neopak syringes enable manufacturers to create drug-syringe combination products with longer injection intervals, offering patients more time in between injections and decrease the frequency of injections. “By offering higher volume subcutaneous injections, the BD Neopak 2.25mL prefillable glass syringe is designed to help reduce the number of necessary injections, aiming to improve safety and convenience for patients,” stated Peter Nolan, worldwide president of Pharmaceutical Systems for BD. 

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The BD Neopak 2.25mL glass prefillable syringe is intended to decrease unwanted interactions, such as drug degradation or aggregation between the primary container and the drug. The BD Neopak product portfolio already includes the Neopak 1mL glass prefillable syringes. 

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