The Avonex Pen (interferon beta-1a 30mcg/0.5mL solution for injection), the first IM autoinjector for chronic use in multiple sclerosis (MS), has been made available by Biogen Idec. Also, a new dose titration regimen, facilitated by the AVOSTARTGRIP titration devices, provides patients with the option to gradually increase the dose of Avonex at treatment initiation to reduce the incidence and severity of flu-like symptoms.

The AVOSTARTGRIP kit contains a set of three devices that work with the Avonex prefilled syringe to administer three titrated doses of Avonex over a three-week period: 7.5mcg, 15mcg, and 22.5mg. The full dose should be administered at week four. A titration regimen should only be considered for patients initiating Avonex therapy. Once patients have completed the titration regimen, treatment can be continued with Avonex Pen or other administration options.

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