Arymo ER Launched for Chronic Pain

Tablets are difficult to manipulate because of the abuse deterrent technology.

Egalet announced the launch of Arymo ER (morphine sulfate) extended-release tablets for the management of pain severe enough to require daily, around-the-clock, long-term opioid treatment and for which alternative treatment options are inadequate.

Arymo ER was initially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in January 2017. It utilizes the proprietary Guardian Technology, which provides a physical and chemical barrier approach to deter abuse without the use of an opioid antagonist. This technology results in tablets that are difficult to manipulate when it comes to misuse and abuse. 

Data from in vitro testing showed that Arymo ER tablets demonstrated increased resistance to cutting, crushing, grinding or breaking via different tools, when compared to non-abuse-deterrent morphine sulfate extended-release tablets. Although Arymo ER is also expected to make abuse via injection difficult, abuse via injection, oral, and nasal routes is still possible. 

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Arymo, a full opioid agonist, is relatively selective for the mu-opioid receptor, although it can bind to other opioid receptors at higher doses. The principal therapeutic action of morphine is analgesia and specific CNS opioid receptors for endogenous compounds with opioid-like activity have been identified throughout the brain and spinal cord and are thought to play a role in the analgesic effects of this drug.

Arymo ER, a CII controlled substance, is available as 15mg, 30mg, and 60mg strengths in 100-count bottles.

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