ConvaTec announced that its Aquacel foam dressings can now be used as part of a comprehensive protocol to protect patients from skin breakdown tied to friction and moisture.

Aquacel foam dressings combine a soft absorbent foam pad with a Hydrofiber Technology, which gels on contact with wound exudate. In in vitro tests, Aquacel foam dressing showed a 75% reduction in skin-damaging friction compared to traditional Mepilex Border dressings. Clinicians can expect less skin stress associated with friction as well as a lower potential for the product to bunch up or fall off when it rubs up against bedding or clothing.  

Aquacel foam dressings are designed to provide a waterproof, viral and bacterial barrier, helping to protect skin from incontinence episodes that can lead to severe skin infections. Aquacel and Aquacel Ag dressings are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats.

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