Aquacel Ag Foam Dressing Now Available

ConvaTec announced it has received market clearance from the FDA for its Aquacel Ag Foam dressing.

Aquacel Ag Foam is the only silver foam dressing to protect patients from skin breakdown tied to friction and moisture with the antibacterial properties of ionic silver.

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The Aquacel Ag wound interface utilizes the company’s proprietary Hydrofiber Technology, which gels on contact with the wound surface.  As demonstrated in vitro, the unique gelling action locks in wound exudate and bacteria, simulating a wound bed that minimizes “dead space” where bacteria can thrive.

The absorbent foam pad is covered by a waterproof protective layer that provides moisture vapor transmission as well as a barrier against viral and bacterial penetration.

Aquacel Ag Foam dressing is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to conform to different wound types, including sacral and heel wounds. 

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