The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the discontinuation of Nitro-Dur (nitroglycerin transdermal infusion system) by Merck. The decision to stop manufacturing the product is business related and not due to any safety issues. The final manufacturer sale date for each presentation is as follows:

  • Nitro-Dur 0.1mg/hr 30 Unit Doses: effective immediately
  • Nitro-Dur 0.2mg/hr 30 Unit Doses: May 2018
  • Nitro-Dur 0.2mg/hr 30 Institutional Package: July 2017
  • Nitro-Dur 0.3mg/hr 30 Unit Doses: July 2017
  • Nitro-Dur 0.3mg/hr 30 Institutional Package: February 2018
  • Nitro-Dur 0.4mg/hr 30 Unit Doses: January 2017
  • Nitro-Dur 0.4mg/hr 30 Institutional Package: July 2017
  • Nitro-Dur 0.6mg/hr 30 Unit Doses: November 2018
  • Nitro-Dur 0.8mg/hr 30 Unit Doses: March 2018
  • Nitro-Dur 0.8mg/hr 30 Institutional Package: August 2018

The Nitro-Dur transdermal infusion system is a flat unit designed to provide continuous controlled release of nitroglycerin through intact skin. The pharmacological action of nitroglycerin is relaxation of vascular smooth muscle and consequent dilation of peripheral arteries and veins, especially the latter. It is indicated for the prevention of angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease.

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