Anavip Approval Expanded to Include Copperhead, Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin Envenomations

Anavip contains venom-specific F(ab’)2 fragments of immunoglobulin G that bind and neutralize venom toxins.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded the approval for Anavip® (crotalidae immune F(ab’)2 [equine]; Rare Disease Therapeutics) to include management of adult and pediatric patients with copperhead and cottonmouth/water moccasin envenomations. Previously, Anavip was only approved for rattlesnake envenomation.

Anavip contains venom-specific F(ab’)2 fragments of immunoglobulin G that bind and neutralize venom toxins, facilitating redistribution away from target tissues and elimination from the body. Due to its long half-life, Anavip reduces the likelihood of coagulopathic effects, and eliminates the need for additional doses commonly required with shorter-acting antivenom. In clinical trials, patients with signs of North American pit viper envenomation achieved control of local injury and coagulopathy following early antivenin treatment with Anavip.

Anavip is supplied as a sterile lyophilized preparation in single-use vials. Treatment should be administered as soon as possible after a bite in patients who develop any signs of envenomation.

“Anavip, with its ease of dosing and reduction of late coagulopathies, is now a vital treatment option for not only rattlesnake envenomated patients, but for all patients with any North American pit viper envenomation, a group that prior to this approval, has had very limited treatment options.”


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