Neos Therapeutics announced the availability of Adzenys ER (amphetamine) Extended-Release Oral Suspension for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in patients aged ≥6 years.

Adzenys ER oral suspension, approved in September 2017, does not require reconstitution or refrigeration. The once-daily medication uses the same modified-release drug delivery technology seen in Adzenys XR-ODT  (amphetamine) Extended-Release Orally Disintegrating Tablets. Adzenys ER and Adzenys XR-ODT are considered bioequivalent to Adderall XR. 

Amphetamines are non-catecholamine sympathomimetic amines with central nervous system (CNS) stimulant activity. The exact mode of therapeutic action in ADHD is unknown. Other ADHD extended-release medications from Neos include Adzenys XR-ODT and Cotempla XR-ODT (methylphenidate) extended-release orally-disintegrating tablets. 

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Adzenys ER is a CII controlled substance. It is available as 1.25mg/mL orange-flavored oral suspension in 450mL bottles. 

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