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SAN DIEGO—According to results of a Phase 3 study presented at IDWeek 2017, peramivir (PVR), a neuraminidase inhibitor, and oral oseltamivir (OSE) were both found to be safe and well tolerated in pediatric patients with influenza.

John Vanchiere, MD, PhD, of LSUHSC-Shreveport, in Shreveport, LA, explained that the study “compared age-appropriate doses of single dose IV PVR to 5 days of oral oseltamivir (OSE) (4:1 randomization, stratified by age) in pediatric subjects age 0 to 17 years within 48 hours of onset of acute uncomplicated influenza.” PVR plasma concentrations were analyzed up to 6 hours after dose administration and serial viral titers were obtained via nasopharyngeal swabs. Signs and symptoms of influenza severity were documented in a diary.

Although 122 patients were enrolled in the study, the interim results only included 89 patients who received the study drug and had PCR-confirmed influenza (termed the “intention-to-treat-infected (ITTI) population”).

The study authors also reported that the median time to alleviation of symptoms was 75.6 hours (95% CI: 47.0, 105.2) for PVR patients vs. 99.8 hours (95% CI: 34.7, 133.6) for OSE patients. Additionally, the median time to resolution of fever was reported as 40.5 hours (95% CI: 28.2, 47.0) for PVR patients compared to 34.7 hours (95% CI: 13.7, 42.3) for OSE patients.

The study authors reported that no serious adverse events (AEs) were reported for PVR or OSE patients. Of the patients included in the safety population, 9% of PVR patients experienced any AE as well as 17% of OSE patients. Frequently reported AEs included for PVR and OSE patients, respectively, included: vomiting (3% vs. 9%), nausea (0% vs. 9%), pyrexia (2% vs. 0%), and tympanic membrane hyperemia (2% vs. 0%).

Dr. Vanchiere concluded, “Whilst not powered for efficacy differences, trends were observed in more rapid reduction in virus shedding and symptom alleviation for PVR treated subjects compared to OSE.”

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Vanchiere J, Plunkett S, Annamalai R, et al. Single Dose IV Peramivir is Safe and Effective in the Treatment of Pediatric Influenza. Poster presented at IDWeek; October 4–8, 2017; San Diego, CA.